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Actors Theatre

Louisville, Kentucky

  • Renovation

  • Apartment Conversion

  • 12,000 total SF

About Actors Theatre

Architectural Investments was contracted to design twelve apartments on three floors of a historic six story building in downtown Louisville, KY. This project was commissioned by Actor’s Theatre of Louisville for the purpose of housing actors who temporarily reside in the city while performing for the company throughout a performance season. The renovation/adaptive reuse of this famous corner structure was very complicated due to the fact that the lower two floors of this building were under construction to be converted into a restaurant. HVAC, electrical and plumbing distributions had to be carefully coordinated between projects. In addition, life safety code issues such as egress issues had to be sensitively designed by our designers so that the historic fabric of the building would not be jeopardized. Exterior components of the building were also renovated. The project won acclaim by several historic organizations.

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