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Atlas Metals

Louisville, Kentucky

  • New Construction

  • 60,000 sf

About Atlas Metals

Architectural Investments was contracted by Atlas Metals to design their corporate office and main distribution facility in Commerce Crossings Industrial Park in Louisville, Kentucky. The site is four acres and the building contains a total of 37,000 SF. This includes a two story 18,000 SF office wing and a 19,000 SF warehouse. The structure of the warehouse is a concrete tilt-up panel wall system and steel joists, while the office wing is a steel frame and bar joist system with a concrete tilt-up panel facade. The concrete tilt-up panel construction was chosen for the office facade in order to give the entire building a harmonious appearance and to complement the architecture of the surrounding buildings in the park. Features such as curtain walls and canopies were designed into the office wing in order to differentiate between the office and the warehouse in order to establish a visual hierarchy to the building.

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