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Denver Springs

Denver, Colorado

  • New Construction
  • Psychiatric Hospital
  • 76,000 total sf
  • 96 Beds

About Denver Springs

The Colorado project is a 96-bed Behavioral Health Facility with 4 Clinical units. The single-story construction has 75,934 gross interior square feet. It consists of specialized treatment programs, and services will have the option to be provided in an inpatient or an outpatient setting. Each wing has a 24-bed inpatient capacity, composed of 12 semiprivate rooms, having two beds each. The design allows for each wing to expand and contract as patient demand requires. The primary services these units will provide are to be short-term inpatient treatment including addiction recovery, Geropsychiatry, and general behavioral health, and potential adolescent patients. One wing has been designed to allow for the heightened security needs Support services for these inpatient functions include common clinical spaces, kitchen, dining room, exercise facility, administrative, and other support services.

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