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Galen Center

Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • New Construction

  • 60,000 sf

About Galen Center

Architectural Investments was contracted to design a six story specifications office building consisting of approximately 60,000 SF of office over two decks of parking, on a flood plane site near Zorn Avenue in Louisville, KY. The design concept for the building was to construct an economical, yet elegant, contemporary building that would attract Class A tenants and would meet requirements of the flood plane. The first floor above grade had to be post-tensioned concrete which suggested that the whole structure be concrete frame. The exterior shell finish was designed as a combination of brick and glass with a mixture of curtain wall, punched opening window units, and ribbon windows. The exterior wall of the entrance is the main focus of the building. It is symmetrically located in the facade provides a vertical element for visual balance. Opposite the entrance, the other side of the building faced the expressway and offered the primary opportunity for the developer to express the image desired to the public.

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