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Heartland Payment Systems

Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • New Construction

  • 238,000 sf over 2 floors

About Heartland Payments Systems

Architectural Investments was selected to design and construct a new operations center for Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (HPS). HPS is the fifth largest credit card processer in the world. HPS owns and maintains facilities for their operations in numerous cities throughout the U.S. This 250,000 SF facility is currently home to 850 employees and is sited on 35 acres in Jeffersonville, IN. Future plans call for a 250,000 SF expansion that would support a workforce of 1,400 persons.
This facility is the central Level 4 N+1 DATA center for their worldwide business located inside a 4000 SF concrete vault and serves as their main operations center. The company’s main goals were to design the building to function as a highly energy efficient, high performance facility and to create a comfortable work environment for a workforce that operates 24/7. This was achieved by maximizing the opportunity for indirect, natural light to be brought into the facility through light wells and extensive perimeter glass. Natural daylighting is controlled (to minimize glare on computer screens) through custom window screens, which operate on Photostats and by exterior solar screens.
An innovative HVAC system conditions air and introduces at low velocity from the raised floors, counteracting drafts coming off glass outer walls and allowing total flexibility of air distribution by every employee. Raised floors also create a plenum space for all electrical and cable runs. This too allows for total flexibility of all services to each work station. Construction of the center was planned on a very tight timeline. Our expert construction management team handled all aspects of the construction, including hiring all the trades and proactively controlling cost estimates and schedule.

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