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Executive Team

David Kuo.jpg

David Kuo, AIA


Principal Architect

David Kuo is the President and Principal  Architect.  He holds a Bachelor of Architecture,  from Southern California Institute of Architecture. David is a registered architect in 4 states.

Assuming his new role as President of Architectural Investments, David brings over 23 years of experience in commercial, liturgical, and residential architecture. He began his career working in California, where he established a practice. His success and desire to branch out in the industry led David to Louisville. Now licensed in multiple states, David is dedicated to providing architecture that puts functionality, affordability and innovative design at the core of each and every project.

Amos Benjamin, AIA

Vice President/Founder

Amos Benjamin is a Vice President and Founding Architect of AI. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky. Amos serves​ as the Architect of most projects for Architectural Investments in the state of Kentucky.  

With more than 35 years of experience in architecture, Amos has built valuable relationships with construction specialists, contractors, consultants, and regulatory agencies. He has an extensive background in architecture that includes government centers, military facilities, academic programs, retail centers, medical facilities, restaurants, and parking garages. His years of experience have provided him with extensive knowledge of construction costs and methods.  At Architectural Investments, his primary role is to lead programming, design, code analysis and quality control for his clients.


Kevin 3.jpg

Kevin Burns, AIA


In 1996, Kevin established his own consulting company, Architectural Investments.  His firm provides architectural design and construction management services. With over 30 years of experience in architecture, Kevin has provided consulting services on several master planning projects and financial pro-forma analyses for various developments. He has an extensive background in architecture that includes corporate office facilities, medical facilities, senior housing, renovation projects, industrial warehousing, retail centers, churches, and community centers.

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